Content Marketing

Inform, Engage & Influence

Content Marketing Strategy allows an organization to make genuine connections with people by regularly creating and sharing valuable content. Instead of a short-term, quick fix – it’s about attracting and retaining customers and influencing their behavior by being authentic to an organization’s unique brand over time. Content Marketing is not advertising or sales. Consumers are very adept at avoiding commercials and other sorts of paid advertising. Content Marketing delivers information that the consumer wants in hopes that by providing this service, the consumer will reward the organization with their business. Many businesses are unsure how to start or sustain their Content Marketing Strategy. This is where Cherry Tree Strategies can help. More than ever before, organizations are able to share news, and create an impactful dialogue with customers, prospects and influencers around their brand’s beliefs. We work seamlessly with our clients so that their Content Marketing Strategy allows them to speak with authority in a tone consistent with their brand’s voice.

  • Website Content Audit & Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Strategy & Training
  • Marketing Collateral Copywriting
  • Multimedia Marketing