Lifestyle brands define a consumer’s personal identity, expressing and defining their tastes and beliefs. Cherry Tree Strategies has had the pleasure of working with numerous lifestyle brands. We understand the connection between a lifestyle brand and a consumer’s, social status, self-worth and aspirations. We know how to convey a lifestyle brand with words and photos and to reach their target audience.

At Cherry Tree Strategies, everything we do is customized to our client’s individual brand and goals. While we don’t work in one specific vertical, we do have industry specialties where we have a great deal of experience.

At Cherry Tree Strategies, we don’t believe in vertically-oriented marketing service companies. These tend to give clients “cookie cutter” websites with different logo and color, but often even the exact same content. They also create very similar marketing collateral, and social media posts.

Your marketing should be as unique as your brand. Your brand isn’t just your logo, so it’s personality and beliefs of your business or nonprofit organization. Your target audience is also unique, so your marketing must match the preferences and needs of your specific customer demographic.