Cherry Tree Strategies

Many people think that the digital revolution has made it easier to communicate. At Cherry Tree Strategies, we know that the explosion in communication channels has made effective communications more challenging than ever. Consumers want to interact with brands anywhere at any time. Brands must create real value for customers by providing innovative and useful information, and personalizing each experience via data collection and precise targeting. Consumers are hit with up to 20,000 marketing messages per day, making it more difficult for organizations to be heard with all the noise.

How can your organization stand out in the crowd and reach your target audience? What do your customers and prospects want, and how do they want to engage with you? Where can you engage with them in a way that persuades consumers to take action to support your goals? This is where Cherry Tree Strategies comes in. Our team creates an integrated marketing plan that is intelligent, focused, and consistent with your brand so that your message reaches your target audience.

Founded in 2008 by Andrea Rodgers, Cherry Tree Strategies doesn’t follow the one-size-fits-all approach. We help organizations identify and achieve their business goals. We can do as much, or as little as you need. Some clients seek help with a opening event; some want to upgrade their website; some just want help with social media; and others want a well-defined, comprehensive, integrated marketing solution.

We begin with listening. Then, after researching your business, your competitors (online and off), and gaining a clear understanding of your goals, we will craft a customized, results-driven solution. Our integrated plan will be intelligent, focused, and consistent with your brand to attract the right audience. We know what it takes to turn engagement into conversions, and get revenue-generating results. We are your strategic advisor.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Read What Our Clients Say.

"Andrea Rodgers is networking at its finest. Her ability to quickly identify and qualify fundraising opportunities with individuals and organizations is skill few will master. She is smart, energetic and hard working. With Andrea’s background and drive she will continue to set a standard for her peers and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her."

− Sara Allen Abbott, Fundraising Consultant

"Andrea is a PR magnet, and has a tireless work ethic. She is talented, and delivers on time, with a gorgeous smile!"

− Holli Thompson, Nutritionist

"Andrea Rodgers is highly detailed oriented and skilled in Social Media Marketing. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with in the field. When I have referred clients to her, the clients are impressed with her follow-up, her creativity, and the way that she creates a timeline of ideas and then makes them come to life. She will be able to help a practice grow their internet and social media presence without the stress and distraction."

− Rebecca Merchant, Territory Manager at Merz Aesthetics Inc.

"When Andrea takes a client on she digs into their business. I felt like I was the only client she had. I often asked how she was able to help any of her other clients because she was always helping me. Upon speaking to some of her other clients, I found they felt the same way. Andrea’s company was beneficial in helping me take my company to the next success level. She did an excellent job writing press releases, and getting my business exposure including getting on TV several times. It was convenient to have her take care of all our tweets, blogs and Facebooking. Andrea has a heart and creates success both for her company and the companies she serves."

− Kristina Robertson, Owner of Barkley Square

"Andrea is a visionary leader and businesswoman. Upon my arrival to DC, she mentored me as a blogger on the cutting edge of social media and digital marketing. Her marketing skills and tactics are out-of-the-box and effective, and her social media personality and visibility lend her authority as a true 21st century entrepreneur. I can attest to Andrea both professionally and personally, and highly recommend working with her to bring fresh ideas to your company, brand, non-profit, or project."

− Quin Woodward Pu, Director of Marketing at Audienti

"A few months after I started working with Andrea, I received a call from someone who had seen an article Andrea wrote on her site about a property I had listed for sale. That particular property had already sold, but I was able to sell the client another $2 million property. The return on the investment was incredible, and Andrea is a pleasure to do business with."

− Shawn Breck, TTR SOTHEBY’S International Realty

"Working with Andrea is a joy and has been extremely beneficial to my business. Her work on social media and events she's created for us has created customers for us. She knows the Metro DC area and is a constant resource for creative ideas."

− Kassie Rempel, Founder of Lillybee Shoes

"Andrea is very easy to work with and has good ideas. She always follows through and listens to what you say. Thanks for helping Sylene reach a different audience."

− Cyla Weiner, Owner of Sylene of Washington

"Barefoot doesn't advertise, but we do donate to charities. In the year that I have been with Barefoot Wine and Bubbly, I have partnered with Andrea Rodgers quite a few times at a variety of events. She has helped Barefoot Wine get involved with great Washington, DC charities events such as Fashion for Paws, and smaller fundraisers in partnership with area boutiques, salons and spas. Barefoot Wine was introduced to all these events through Andrea. She has always been so great to help spread the word about Barefoot Wine and Bubbly to the DC Area, as well as given me new opportunities and new contacts for other events as well. I look forward to continuing to work with Andrea. "

− Molly Fox, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly